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FireHorse's Frolics

My name is Ozymandias, king of kings. Look on my works ye mighty and despair!

6 September 1966
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(I thought it was about time I put my bio back up, with some editing.)

Hi. My name's FireHorse. This journal started out as place for my fanfiction
and a way for me to connect with other fans. I still read a lot, but I haven't written any in years. Official warning: A lot of what I've written is explicitly adult in nature, and tends to involve more than one penis in a scene. If that's not your bag, baby, skip it.

I do, however, blither a fair amount about my job (I'm a massage therapist), life in the Navy (Navy wife here), and my whacky kids, plus anything else that engages my attention.

My friending policy: I don't have one. If you'd like to, friend me. If you're tired of hearing from me, unfriend me-I've never seen the point of filtering out people you don't read. I promise, you're not going to hurt my feelings. If you feel like, leave me a reply and let me know how you found me/why you're interested. It's not necessary, but I always find that stuff interesting. If you stick around long enough for me to get to know you, I'll probably friend you back.


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