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13th-May-2012 03:50 pm - life happens fast
It's been an interesting couple of weeks, in a Chinese-proverb sort of way.

ThingTwoCollapse )

ThingTwoCollapse )
5th-Feb-2012 06:16 pm - winter
I remember this. I was 11. This is Buffalo; we lived about 80 miles to the west. We still got hit hard, just not *quite* as hard as Buffalo did.

And no sooner had we dug out from that, we had a plain, old-fashioned lake-effect storm the next week. All together, my school was closed for two weeks, and I missed most of three; we lived so far out in the sticks we were always the last to be plowed out. Right after the first one blew itself out, I remember looking at the thermometer on my way out to the barn, and it was -32º. That's the coldest I've *ever* seen it. We had no power for most of those two weeks, but that wasn't actually so bad, because we had a coal furnace (and coal on the porch, so we didn't have to go out for it), propane in the kitchen, and oil lamps that had always been decoration, but worked perfectly well. My mom had had emergency surgery in the break between storms, and Dad got stuck at the hospital with her when the second one hit, so it was me and my sister and my Grandma for the duration. We played a LOT of Monopoly.

I did not, however, walk to school, uphill both ways, through it. :)
15th-Jan-2012 09:16 pm - it's official
Hubby's been laid off-his last day was Friday. He's got two weeks of vacation pay coming, and after that...pfft. My job is going swimmingly but slowly, as expected; my total take from the last two weeks is about $20. It will pick up as it goes along, but it's going to be awhile before I can do more than pay for my own gas back and forth.

The plus side of, course, is that he *hated* this job. Still, it would have been better, not to mention nice, if he had gone from job to job, not this way, but... Work with what you've got, not what you wish you had.
5th-Jan-2012 06:01 pm - work!
sewing machine
So, I started my new job on Tuesday. So far, so good. I've stripped a couple of machines, taken pictures, uploaded and listed stuff, and we sold our first item less than 6 hours after we'd posted it, which I shipped on my way back home today. An auspicious beginning, I hope! Otherwise, it's a lot of fun, and it's nice to work for someone who appreciates you. (Walmart, I'm looking at you!)
27th-Dec-2011 01:30 pm - sunrise in a small country town
You know you live on the back side of nowhere when every couple of years the town grants in-city hunting licences. This is one of those years. We have a lot of area that is technically 'in-city', but which is, in fact, out in the country. Like the river bottom, which is less than half a mile from my house. And you can tell it's a holiday week, with a lot of people off. The river bottom is echoing this morning with the boom! of shotguns*, and faintly, the barking of dogs on the trail. By 10:00, the parking lot at Dail's (actually a True Value hardware store, but mostly, the local hunting stuff store) will be full of people, dogs in truck boxes, and deer carcasses, waiting for the F&G officer to certify their tags.

Mmm, venison roast... Too bad I don't know any hunters personally.

*There is no rifle hunting--for anything--in Virginia east of the I95 corridor-too many people too close.
21st-Dec-2011 02:12 pm(no subject)
ThingTwo's sentencing (for the assault & battery/disorderly conduct) was yesterday. Before the hearing, the attorney suggested that the judge would probably require 30 days incarceration, but said part of that would likely be suspended, and that he would ask for a delayed reporting (for after Christmas) for any time served.

Instead, the judge sentenced him to 12 months, suspended. During his suspension he will be on probation, and will complete court-ordered anger management/conflict resolution classes. That's on top of the usual 'good behavior' clauses, which still apply. He must contact CCP in the next five days; we're anticipating an appointment after Christmas, possibly after the first of the year. After that, it's up to them.

We (and the judge) are hoping that with this hanging over his head, ThingTwo will get his head out of his ass, but frankly, we're doubting it. He's got until Feb 1 to change his ways, or at least make a real effort to. If he doesn't, he can't live here anymore. That likely means the shelter downtown, unless the PO can come up with something, but frankly, at this point...'we don't care' isn't the right phrase, but you know what I mean. Things can't keep on the way they are, and the situation WILL change, one way or the other.
17th-Dec-2011 07:44 pm - ouch
Overheard at the therapist's office earlier this week:

Mom: "...and you need to start being nicer to your sister, too."
Daughter, 12ish, with the kind of face only a 12yo girl can make: "I don't have a sister. You have a daughter with a different husband than my dad."

...Wonder why they're in therapy? /sarcasm

Completely unrelated, is anyone having difficulty getting into livejournal via client? It doesn't matter which one I use (I have several), they all return errors and won't log in. I'm using the portal, but it's a pain.
11th-Dec-2011 02:08 pm - musings on family
After a white-knuckle drive over the ridge to the Turnpike (nothing quite like 40mph fog. If I can't see them, they can't see me either!) it was a mostly uneventful drive. Got to Dad's in time to go to dinner and then to my aunt's for the evening. Service on Wednesday, ThingOne's and an aunt's on Thursday, home Friday.

The service, such as it was, was quiet. Grandma didn't want any anything, but funerals are for the living; the dead are past care. (Although she was still in her favorite flannel jammies, which I thought was cool, and very Grandma.) This was a nice compromise. A few minutes at the funeral home, a few prayers graveside, and a church lady cookie buffet (Grandma was a church lady herself, and contributed a LOT of cookies over the years) at the church after.

The problem aunt was there. Actually, she beat me there, which is a fair feat, since she lives 5 hours south of me. She hugged me, said, "How are you? It's been a long time!", which apparently is about all she said to anyone. She did request a private viewing before the rest of us, which she got, and she left straight from the cemetery, because she "hadn't been invited" to the church. Which was hooey, but I don't think anyone missed her much. Missed the possibility of the relationship that might have been, were she not such a bitter old shrew, but didn't miss her presence.

I've mentioned before about how odd it is to realize that I'm now the middle generation, but I was struck anew by the fact at the funeral home. I looked around at all my cousins, the *kids* I used to play with, and we are, all but two of us, over forty now. Some by a lot; the oldest cousin is 54. And we all have kids. Oldest Cousin's stepkids and mine are the oldest; my sister's are the youngest, and there's a clump of six kids in the middle, all within five years of each other. It's very odd to say to one of those kids, "Your grandma is my aunt," when they're trying to figure out who I am. Aunt E (the other one, not the problem one) is the last of the eldest generation, at 84, and my dad and his sisters are now the oldest generation.

It's official-the torch has been passed.
5th-Dec-2011 05:21 pm - an end
blue kanji
Grandma died last night-actually, early this morning. In the end, it was peaceful and painless, and the people that were important to her were there with her.

I'll be leaving tomorrow for the funeral on Wednesday. I'll deliver ThingOne's bed to him on Thursday and spend the night with an aunt in the area, then head home on Friday. This may be a hairy few days, depending on Aunt E. (She was the reason Grandma didn't want any sort of service at all-too much bad blood there, for too long.) I don't know if she knows there's a service (Grandma told her there wouldn't be) or if she'll come if she knows.

In any case, I'm off.
24th-Nov-2011 01:07 pm - Happy Thanksgiving!
I finally went and laid down for a bit yesterday, and ended up sleeping for about two hours. It helped; I got up feeling significantly less homicidal.

I like ThingOne's gf. The last had all the personality of a bump on a log. This one does stuff like eats meals with us, participates in conversations...y'know, non-bump-on-a-log behavior. (And she's already been in the shower, something it took the last one almost three days to get around to.) Plus, she brought me a *quart* of this season's maple syrup-a church in their neighborhood has a sugaring house for income. I already used a cup of it in the maple pecan glaze for pumpkin cheesecake.

I got almost all of the prep done yesterday. All I have to do today is make the corn pudding, then shuffle stuff in and out of the oven when it beeps at me. Yay for good planning!
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